Ricardo Mayol-Bracero

RICARDO is a regional consultant who accompanies the members of the Continental Christian Network for Peace (RECONPAZ) in theological-pastoral formation. Among RECONPAZ’s goals are: to protect humans rights and integral ecology; to investigate and denounce those who originate violence beyond their borders; to educate and inspire the defense of life; to advocate for the use of arts and social media to denounce violence; to move churches and believers to defend human rights and integral ecology. Based in Guatemala, where he works closely with the Ecumenical Christian Council of Guatemala, Ricardo promotes RECONPAZ’s goals for peace and justice throughout the continent, and invites and works with IM partners whose goals and ideals align with the Continental Christian Network for Peace.
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Reflexión #3: La Iglesia Cristina Ágape, compañera en el dolor del pueblo hondureño

Read it in English   Esta es última de 3 reflexiones de mi viaje a Honduras: Una inspiración a la encarnación

Reflection # 3: The Ágape Christian Church, partner in the pain of the Honduran people

Léalo en español   This is the last of 3 reflections from my trip to Honduras: An inspiration of the incarnation

Reflexión #2: El éxodo hondureño desenmascara el fracaso de un modelo de país impuesto

Read this in English   La segunda de tres reflexiones de mi visita a Honduras pone al descubierto las injusticias

Reflection # 2: The Honduran exodus unmasks the failure of an imposed country model

Léalo en español   The second of three reflections from my visit to Honduras exposes the injustices of the

Reflexión #1: La militarización, las violaciones a los Derechos Humanos y el éxodo hondureño

Read it in English   La primera reflexión resalta la militarización y las violaciones a los Derechos Humanos en

Reflection # 1: Militarization, Violations of Human Rights and the Honduran Exodus

Léalo en español   The first reflection highlights the militarization and violations of Human Rights in Honduras