March 5, 2018 White Cross – Congo Shipping
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GoalThe goal of this project is to offset the cost of sending a shipping container to Congo every 24 months.
SummaryThe cost of shipping supplies to the Democratic Republic of the Congo is quite high. IM seeks to offset these costs and continue to send the much appreciated materials, supplies and handmade goods.
DescriptionImagine the anticipation and excitement in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) at the moment they open the container shipped from the U.S. to find medical supplies and equipment and dozens of baby kits. Women and babies will be blessed by the cartons of baby blankets, baby gowns, and birthing supplies - some handmade by their Baptist sisters in the U.S. and so much more. Your financial gifts along with handmade goods are a blessing and donations pay the considerable cost of transporting these items from the U.S. to the DRC. White Cross handwork and medical supplies are shipped through the Brethren Service Center every two years. It takes $15,000 - $20,000 for IM to ship a container. Your cash contributions of $2 per kit helps with packing, shipping and in-country fees. Please give as your heart leads, any amount will be of great help to get the supplies into the hands of the people at hospitals and clinics who are eagerly awaiting them.
Suggested Gifts$2.00 per kit or per pound is suggested; or whatever amount your heart leads you to give. A gift of $10 pays for 5 pounds of materials. A gift of $50 pays for 25 pounds. A gift of $200 pays for 100 pounds.
Prayer RequestsPlease pray for the safe and speedy shipment of much-needed White Cross supplies. Please pray for the hospitals and clinics who receive the supplies.
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