About Our Kids

As many of you know, our kids, Michelle and Melissa, are now University students!

Holy Ground

On Friday, August 29th, American Baptist International Ministries (IM) missionaries, along with faith leaders from the Episcopal, United Methodist, United Church of Christ, Catholic and Jewish traditions, joined in a prayer service for Central American children fleeing violence.

International Ministries logo Beheadings and Our Hearts

A pregnant woman in Sudan is sentenced to death for converting to Christianity. Ultimately, she was saved from the executioner, as countless followers of Jesus prayed and mounted a campaign encouraging diplomatic efforts, but others, unknown to all but a few and God, die.

Rising (out of bed!) To The Challenge!

What a fabulous “birthday celebration” International Ministries had this summer! Celebrating 200 years as an organization—the longest-running Christian mission agency in the USA—was a giant moment in history!

International Ministries logo Greetings from Yokohama, Japan

Thank you for your precious prayers and warm thoughts for the people in Japan. Thank you also for your patience and anticipation before this report finally arrives at your sight.

Hope Unlimited Graduate Natali Brings Hope to Others

It is always so gratifying to meet members of Hope Unlimited’s graduate alumni, see how well they are doing, and hear them express their gratitude for what Hope did for them, as they proudly share their accomplishments.