Dominican Republic – River of Life Baptist Church

This project seeks to raise $46,000 in order to reconstruct the River of Life Baptist Church in the Dominican Republic after a devastating fire.

Mexico – Multipurpose Center for Migrants

This project seeks to rent and furnish a multipurpose center that provides services to help migrants build a new life in Tijuana.

Southern Asia – Economic Development and Business Training

This project seeks to equip 400 current and future pastors in understanding basic business and how to develop business plans for ministry.

Congo-Psychosocial Care & Reintegration for Vulnerable Children in Goma

This project will provide care, training, discipleship and social reintegration for vulnerable children in Goma.

Thailand – House of Love Ministry Expansion

This project will enable the House of Love to expand their ministry outside their walls and serve many more children.

Lott Carey NAAMC Scholarship

This project seeks to raise support for Black missionaries and lessen their fundraising challenges as they begin their term of service overseas.