Bolivia Medical Supplies White Cross – Bolivia – House of Hope Medical and Dental Supplies

Your support will provide dental and medical clinics for 500 children & adults in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Seminary Scholarships in Mexico Mexico – Mexicali Seminary/Theological Education

Scholarships make it possible for young people to follow God’s call in their lives as they study to become pastors and church planters in Mexico.

Mexico – Hot Meals for Children in Tijuana

This projects provides 100 students with a hot, nutritious lunch each school day that helps them grow and greatly increases their capacity for learning.

Costa Rica – Women Forging New Paths

This project will provide two basic courses to improve women’s self-esteem and promote healthy relationships in their families and communities.

Congo – Women’s Surgical Care

This project seeks to reduce the Congo’s high rate of infant and maternal deaths during childbirth by providing surgical care to women in need of a C-section.

Thailand – Water and Sanitation Systems for Hill Tribes

This project will provide family bathrooms, training in hygiene and sanitation, family gardens and village training gardens.