Tag: Short-Term Mission
| Together at last…
| Beautiful Connections

Did you know that two desks at International Ministries sponsored a 3-Day virtual discovery short-term mission trip with SAT-7 to the MENA region in September 2022?

| Can We Be Peacemakers?

“Can we act as God’s children, and be the peacemakers we are called to be?” A poignant question a member of the team who recently went to Israel/Palestine pondered on, as he visited refugee camps.

| Mission Encounters

Many experienced new ways of encountering God’s mission through virtual mission experiences at the 2022 World Mission Conference. Be encouraged by all that is done through the Short-Term Mission desk.

| Words Matter

Claire Walker shares some initial reflections after ten days of ministry immersion across the border.

| Waiting with God

Waiting with God for clarity and not lingering in the “What if.”