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| From “Why Not?” to “Yes Lord, Use Me”

“I never would have guessed that a 5-day virtual mission trip would have impacted me as powerfully as it did” said June Bunce, one of the pioneers of this first 5-Day virtual Discovery Mission Express to Lebanon, sponsored by the Short-Term Mission team at International Ministries.

| Mission Express to Latvia, Ukraine & Russia

Registration for this up-coming virtual Discovery trip to Latvia, Ukraine and Russia is closed. We are humbled by the interest. There are 15 of us preparing for this unique virtual Mission Express, facilitated by the Short-Term Mission Office and the Europe Desk.

| Bridges 4 God’s Mission

In this old-new season of ministry, God is re-tooling how we serve. Are we all ready for this new journey?  With the Short-Term Mission team, we can all be part of the bridge building ministry, STM has re-affirmed in this season.


Have you ever desired to see, accompany, learn about the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (LSESD)? In this up-coming virtual Mission Express scheduled in January 2021, you will have such an opportunity.

| Multilingual Devotions

Are YOU Listening? and Karen’s stories for God’s glory are two special devotional booklets available to volunteers seeking to reflect on God’s mission in all corners of the world. The reflections are in English, Burmese, Karen and Spanish.

| Lighting The Way

Here is an up-date from three Trailblazers who are now serving as short-term volunteers in Hungary and the Dominican Republic through our STM digital ministry.