Mission Express

International Ministries sponsors virtual “Mission Express” cross-cultural journeys, in addition to our in-person service opportunities. Since June 2020, 1-Day, 3-Day or 5-Day virtual ministry immersion trips have been life-sustaining for many of our global servants and partners around the globe.




March 15, 2023
12-1:15pm (EST)
Experience how art can be used for healing and holistic mission with Rev. Mylinda Baits, Bilingual Global Consultant in Training and Capacity Building.
Have you ever wondered how art and play can be used for ministry, healing and holistic missions? Ever considered how God might be inviting you to use your own creativity for good in the world? If these questions have piqued your interest or made you curious in any way, please join Mylinda Baits, IM’s Global Consultant for Training using the Restorative Arts, for a 90-minute virtual mission immersion into her ministry with our global friends and family. On March 15, 2023 at Noon (EST), gather up and bring a few simple items like copy paper, colored markers, crayons or pencils, and string or yarn to use as we explore, experience and expand our perspectives together. We will learn about and connect with Mylinda’s global restorative ministry and partners through observation, listening, play, creation, reflection, expression and sharing.  Come and see what the Lord can do with the resources right at our fingertips.

Please send an email to volunteers@im.projectworldimpact.com to register for this unique virtual ministry experience. A special zoom link will be sent to you to confirm your registration. Registration closes on March 6, 2023.

We look forward to having you be part of this virtual experience.


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